Issue Advocacy and Campaigns

Challenge: How to mobilize and unify US support for global program and policies related to UN International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD).

Approach:  Formed and co-chaired US Network for Cairo – a highly-effective coalition  comprised of dozens of major nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) representing diverse perspectives on the environment, gender equity, child survival, reproductive health and family planning, faith issues, population stabilization, and poverty reduction. Helped build consensus on core positions, and the design and development of key messages and materials, strategies, elite events, grassroots mobilization and other coalition activities.

Change Ignited: Inspired NGO, corporate, foundation, policy and opinion maker engagement in the US and across the world. Activities resulted in consistent and high-level positive media coverage helping lead to adoption of progressive ICPD Programme of Action — ICPD delegates reached consensus on universal education, reduction of infant and child mortality, reduction in maternal deaths, and increased access to family planning. Significant increase in US and donor country funding for family planning followed conference. The US Network continued to work together for several years after the ICPD conference as the Sustainability Communicators Group, where I served as co-chair.