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Writing and Publications

Challenge:  How to urge governments and donors to provide quality education for the millions of children caught in war and armed conflict.

Approach:  As part of Save the Children International’s Rewrite the Future campaign, I wrote and helped produce a publication aimed at policy makers and other opinion leaders to report on the campaign’s first year of progress. This One Year On report covers the situation of children affected by armed conflict, why education is critical to their immediate and long-term well-being, how programs are working on the ground, and how governments and others can help. The report, which includes striking graphics and compelling visuals and stories, was augmented by a global communications and advocacy effort.

Change Ignited: Since the inception of this campaign, Save the Children has helped over 10 million children receive a better education and succeeded in enrolling 1.4 million children into school, which is equivalent to opening two schools every day.