Positive results can be achieved in many ways.  I form a unique partnership and develop a customized roadmap with each of my clients, but all my work is guided by these core principles:

  1. Goals, objectives and audiences must be clear and prioritized.
  2. Messages and messengers need to be relevant, compelling and distinctive.
  3. The best strategies are shaped after taking a comprehensive view of the internal and external landscape, and integrating related elements.
  4. Strategies lead to concrete programs and practical solutions that can be realistically implemented.
  5. Forming strategic partnerships is critical to increasing visibility, reach and action.
  6. Strategies positively impact the brand, the bottom line and the mission.
  7. Strategies and tactics are action-oriented and measurable.
  8. A creative spark is central to any campaign or project – the idea that ignites and unites people and organizations to make real and lasting change.
  9. Success takes time, focus and commitment – a combination of working hard and working smart.